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If SRK can dedicate a full song in Chennai Express to the great Rajinikanth, why cant we dedicate one Movie T shirt combo to the great Thalaiva?

So lets call this a Shah Rukh Khan T shirt combo? No that’s taking it too far? Okay we will call it a Rajinikanth T shirt combo only. Okay, so in this Rajinikant Combo, you get 2 Rajinikanth T shirts. One is a Rajini cant but I can T shirt. This superstar T shirt has Rajinikant looking o so very cool with Pink glasses and it says Rajini Cant but I can.

The second Bollywood T shirt is a Rajinikant vs. David Guetta T shirt. David Guetta is a world famous DJ with the super-hit song, The world is mine. We all know Rajinikant can do anything in the world and he owns everything so he calls up his friend David Guetta, What do you mean, The world is mine?

So if you love Rajinikant check out this Movie T shirt combo and save Rs. 201.

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