Spongebob Super combo!


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Product Description

This is by far, our favorite combo deal so far. In fact- we think everyone should have this one. It combines three of our most favorite items of our favorite charactaer, spongebob squarepants! The coziest, softest pyjamas the coolect, funkiest and most comfortable boxer shorts in the world, and now, the coolest, softest cutest tee shirt ever! with this great combo deal, we’ve done ourselves proud! Be it summer, winter or the ruthless monsoon- this combo deal is ideal for any season- if it means you want to cuddle up and be the most comfortable you have ever been in your life! Buy this amazing combo deal online now for 1105 only girls- its all at www.gabilife.com . Throw on a casual white or black tank top and you can combine style with comfort. Buy online now, through cash on delivery or online payment. This great combo is 100% Cotton. Order it online and now and have it with you in under 7 days!

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