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Who remembers this adorable, whiny, glum, moody and sarcastic friend of Winnie the pooh’s? The cute donkeys favorite catchphrase was “thanks for noticing”, and well, notice we DID! How can anyone not want to grab these amazingly comfortable and adorable slippers and wear them all the time! We love our snug slip ons, they are so comfortable, we even try and sneak them on at work. Our slippers are all free size, and their soles are made of Velboa and EVA soles. We know you will love them, so just grab a pair and get ready to be the most comfortable you have ever been in your life! These super plush slippers can be bought online at They are free of shipping and are guaranteed to reach you within 2-6 days! Buy them online through online payment or even buy them now and pay later, cash on delivery! Give this poor little donkey something to smile about, and we assure you, by the end of it you will be smiling to. Great comfortable slippers for every season, buy these Gabi Life Donkey slippers online now! We guarantee comfort, complete customer satisfaction and quick delivery!

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