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Whether its winter spring, summer or fall, this amazing bath mat combination deal is a super duper deal! dance and skip your way out of the shower with these amazingly fun and cute bath mats lining your bathroom floors! The adorable Dance and wipe bath mat shows you the ropes to a very simple five step cha-cha, and nothing makes us happier than stepping on to the soft comfort of a cozy bathmat, which shows us how to bust some moves while drying our feet and making sure we dont drip! The whimsicle and modern Iphone bath mat gives you a reason to swish your feet across a bath mat! Slide your feet to the left to lock, and back to the right to unlock! These funky and cute bath mats are appropriate for any age, any day and any kind of shower! We think you should grab one and let them brighten up your day, as we know for a fact these crazy bath mats are sure to do! 100 % cotton bath mats with new, invisible skid free technology, these bath mats are a perfect addition to any bathroom. They will do more than brighten up a bathroom- they will bring the child out in you. We promise!
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