4 Boxer Combo


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Gabi Lifes most famous and most popular piece of clothing is by far- our boxer shorts. So first we thought they were enough- turns out, we were so wrong! One pair of boxers isent enough to satisfy anyone! So then we had a thought. To make a combo deal of just boxer shorts. We thought a little more and realised- whats better than even two, or three boxer shorts. 4 pairs of boxer shorts! And thus was born one of our best combination deals ever! This amazing Gabi life 4 boxer combo combines four pairs of awesome boxer shorts- the Chick Magnet Boxer shorts, The man the legend boxer shorts, mines bigger boxer shorts and Stay away from my nuts boxer shorts. These four pairs of boxer shorts are popular, well loved and extremely fun. 100% cotton, this deal for Rupees 1049 for four pairs of exellent boxer shorts is one that you definately shouldnt let pass by! Buy online now on www.gabilife.com now and pay through cash on delivery or online payment. But these amazing boxer shorts now!

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