Penguin Pyjamas


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Product Description
Let me guess, your reaction when you first saw these was, SO CUTE! Yeah, we know, because thats what we said too! How adorable are these pyjamas. If you look closely, you’ll see one Ninja Penguin, a sumo wrestler penguin, a silly, goofy little penguin in a ski cap, super penguin and pirate penguin. How adorable are these different avatars, don\'t you want to just take these adorable little penguins home. Well, since that\'s not possible, we made these adorable pyjamas for you to take home! Bedtime just got a lot more exciting! Just imagine, slumber parties with your girl friends! We can bet you none of their pyjamas will be as adorable as yours, so go ahead and show off as much as you want! These amazing new pyjamas are available on They are 100 % cotton and are super soft and comfortable, just like we know how. Order these online now on for speedy delivery! We guarantee delivery within 2-5 days and you can order online using cash on delivery or even online payment!
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