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If its one thing you know about us, it’s how proud we are of WHO we are. We’re Indian and we love it! Nothing shows that off more than these pyjamas do! The print of these pyjamas is totally unique, and is still something every Indian knows and recognizes well! These typical alphabet table pyjamas have all the things we know and love, jhanda, ullu, and now, g for gabi! Whimsicle, funny and oh so cool, these pyjamas are 100% cotton. The great multitude of colours make them bright, colourful and the perfect pyjamas for any time during the day or night. They are cool, funny and super duper comfortable! Wear these to go vegetable shopping or even pull out all the stops and pair them with a white tank top for that upcoming slumber party or all night study dates at the dorm! Buy these cute pyjamas online on www.gabilife.com. Order online now through cash on delivery or even pay online through our online payment gateway. We guarantee delivery wthin 2-5 working days and we also guarantee a happy and satisfied customer! Buy these super cute pyjamas online now and gabify your life!

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