Hindi Pyjamas


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Product Description

Hindi is our mother tongue. When we are angry, when we are sad, when we are happy and when we are excited, our first words always come out in Hindi. That’s because this beautiful language is inbuilt into our systems. To showcase our love for Hindi, gabilife introduces these ‘Hindi Pyjamas’. These 100% cotton pajamas have all the Hindi letters printed all over it. To add to these funny pajamas, gabi has printed a very cute image next to each letter! These cute pajamas are white in color so they can go with any night t shirt which you want to wear on top! So if you are bored of boring striped pajamas, then check out these cool hindi pajamas! Not only is the concept very cool, but the images that have been printed will always put a smile to your face! The cheap pajamas are made of 100% white cotton and are only for Rs. 599 with free shipping.

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