Rock On Pillow Covers


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Product Description
Do you simply love your music? Whether it is David Guetta spinning the best beats or A.R. Rahman with his spine chilling tunes, Music is the essence of life! When you are happy it makes you want to jump up and down. When you are sad it puts a smile on your face! Music is your best friend when you are all alone and it is your best friend when you are celebrating with everyone. And lets not forget our super cool voice cancelling headphones that took us 1 year of saving our pocket money to buy! Well, we at gabi love our music as well. In fact even when we are sleeping, music is playing in our minds and hearts. That is why we created these music pillow covers! When you lye on these colorful pillow covers, it looks like you are wearing headphones and grooving to the beats of your favorite song. The unique pillow covers are made in a very smart way where one of them has a yellow outline with a blue interior and the other one has a blue outline with a yellow interior. These amazing pillow covers are made from 100% cotton and can fit any standar sized pillow.
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