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Everyone loves to dream! We all dream every night! Whether its about India winning the world cup, whether it is about us dancing in Spain with Ranbir Kapoor, or whether it is about eating everything you want and becoming thin instead of fat! We at gabi dream of dreams! One of our favorite quotes in our studio is, “I have a dream.. That one day .. I will have a dream!” Now don’t ask us what that means, because honestly we don’t know either! But our dreams are amazing because we can control who exactly what we want to be and what we are! If you love to dream and specially dream about your loved one sleeping next to you, then these dream pillow covers are ideal for you! In typical cartoon fashion, we have 1 pillow cover with small dream bubbles coming out and the other half of the pair with a big dream bubble! So if you are sleeping with your loved one, then one of you should pose on the small bubble of this romantic pillow cover and the other one should pose in the big bubble pillow cover.
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