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We look at all those cool Polo Ralph Lauren Hoodies, with USA written all over and we get jealous of how much patriotism is there in America. Then we look at the super expensive price and feel happy that we don’t have to buy them :P

Well we at gabi love India too much and love cheap clothes too much to not make our own version of a cool India sweatshirt! So if you love India and are full of pride for this amazing country, then this Hoodie is for you!

With a supersized gabi logo in the front, which looks like a person putting his hands up and ready to party. To the cool India flag on the side arm. The number 47 in the front represents 1947, the year when our beautiful India got freedom.

The back of the sweatshirt has a supersized 47 stitched in 2 colors and above that has Hindustan Proudly stitched across.  We write Hindustan here, because we are free now and can proudly call ourselves Hindustanis or Indians.

These hoodies are made of 100% grey cotton mélange.  We recommend wearing this with blue jeans or with nice track pants!

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