Lego Fun Drive


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Product Description
The toy pen drive is USB version 2.0 and has 4GB memory space. If you had a normal childhood, you must have spent 90% of your time putting one lego on top of the other and building the worlds tallest building. If you were a smart kid, then you would try and actually make proper buildings and not just think tall lines of lego :P In fond memory of our amazing and fun childhoods we at gabi made this Lego Pen Drive. This game pen drive looks exactly like a red lego brick. Infact if you put it next to an actual Lego brick, it looks exactly the same. This kids pen drive pulls apart exactly in half and you can the pen drive one into your computer and you can use the other half as a holder. If you put a chain you can also convert this fun USB drive into a keychain pen drive. This game Pen Drive is compatible with most computers, all windows and all mac computers. This awesome pen drive is from Rs. 599 only and has cash on delivery available and free shipping.
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