Ice Cream Fun Drive


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Product Description
The food pen drive is USB version 2.0 and has 4GB memory space. I scream, you scream we all love for Ice Cream. Whether it is the delicious 31 flavors from Baskin Robbins. Or the softie from Mcdonalds. Or the Cola bar from Kwalitys. Or the fancy double chocolate chip with brownies from Ben n Jerrys. Ice Cream is the best thing in the world. If you are sad, it makes me happy. If you are happy, you eat it to celebrate. Ice Cream is always the tastiest thing! At gabilife, our favorite ice cream is Choco Bar. So we made this yummy pen drive which looks exactly like a half bitten Choco Bar! The tasty pen drive has everything, including the chocolate coating, the vanilla ice cream inside and the stick. This delicious pen drive looks exactly like a Walls Magnum ice cream. Every time we look at this cool (excuse the pun) pen drive we actually feel hungry. This delicious Pen Drive is compatible with most computers, all windows and all mac computers. This exciting pen drive is from Rs. 599 only and has cash on delivery available and free shipping.
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