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About Gabi:

· Wait, so what exactly is Gabi?

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· Gabi is the coolest company in the world! Can I work with gabi?

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Info about Gabi stuff:

· What is cotton?

We use 100% cotton for all our products, grown straight from beautiful mother earth. In certain fitted products we add 4% lycra, just to make it fit just THAT much better. We promise you that if you treat your gabi well, it will treat you well in return. The color won\'t come off. The tee won\'t shrink. It will be perfect forever.

· How do I make my gabi feel like new?

So we know you never want to get out of your gabi. But face it, you smell :P

Wash the stuff in cool water and try to do it with similar colors. Please do not iron on top of the prints, just flip the tee inside out and iron away! Or, to make matters simpler, Just ask your mom to do it!

· Will it fit me?

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· Exactly how soft is soft?

We source out the best cotton available in the market! We want you to live in your gabi\'s forever and ever and ever etc.

Privacy Policy:

· How private are we?

We know you love your privacy and we respect that. We only remember the information required to deliver your gabi safely to you. We will never store your credit/debit card details.

We will never give your information out to anyone else. We will just use limited amounts to make sure that we can serve you better.

Gabi reserves the right to update our privacy policy at anytime.


Cash On Delivery:

· I don\'t have a card, can I pay by cash?

We wish each and every one of you could pay by cash on delivery. However, our courier company doesn\'t offer COD in every area. If for whatever reason COD is not offered, we will let you know and you can order somewhere else or order through a friends card. Just make sure they don\'t get jealous and take your gabi :P

· So how much does Cash on Delivery cost?

There is no extra charge for COD. WOOOHOOOO!

· Is paying by debit/credit card cooler?

To be honest. Yes it is! Paying by debit/credit card probably means you will get your gabi sooner. Also, if you pay through card we can definitely deliver to your area!


· How much do I have to pay for shipping?

So basically, order above Rs. 400 and you get FREE SHIPPING! Anything below that, we charge a measly amount of Rs. 65 per delivery.

· What if I am ordering a lot?

If you really really really love gabi, please send us an e-mail to info@gabilife.com and we can give you amazing rates

·I want my stuff fast! How long will it take?

We want all of you to get your gabi within 2 minutes. However we haven\'t mastered the Harry Potter spell till now :P

Deliveries take between 2 and 14 days.

Easy Cancellation/Exchange Policy:

· There\'s a problem. Can I exchange my gabi?

If you are unhappy with your product or if we messed up, we can definitely exchange your gabi (conditions apply).

Send us an e-mail with your name and order number to info@gabilife.com and we will get back to you within

24 hours and tell you how to go about it.

· How exactly does the policy work?

Your product needs to be in the same condition that we gave it to you. That\'s simply how easy it is (conditions apply).

· Who pays for the return courier yo?

If we messed up with the order, then we will give you a store credit of Rs. 50 for your troubles :)

Customer Support:

· I want to talk?


(Contact us link)


Photo e-mail discounts:

· How much discount do I get?

For each new gabi you send us a picture with. You get Rs. 50 off an order.

· How do I know if you got my photo?

We will e-mail you when we receive your photo.

· Is the photo good enough?

If you look good in it, it is good enough!


· I want to buy some gabis on sale. Tell me more?

The same rules for regular gabis apply for sale gabis as well.

· I want to return a product I bought on sale. How does it work?

The same rules for regular gabis apply for sale gabis as well.

· What is the Surprise Tee?

Surprise tee is a random tee that we give you from our website. So go ahead, order one and be gabified!

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