Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy

Can I exchange my order?

If you still want to chitty chat, e-mail us at .

When can I exchange my gabi?

You can exchange your gabi within 15 days of date of delivery, subject to the product being in the same condition when delivered. We honestly want you to be happy with your gabi so we will do everything we can for you to enjoy your gabi :)

How do I exchange it?

You can exchange your gabi by sending us an e-mail on with your order number and the problem and we will inform you whether you can exchange it.

Then you can courier it to :

1 Osho Drive,
New Delhi - 110030

Who bears the cost of delivering it back?

If the product is wrong in our end, then we will be happy to give you gabi credit for the courier :)

Can I get my money back?

Unfortunately we cannot give your money back. However, we you can exchange your good for any product you want, within one year of your return!

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