Rajini Kant Tee For Men Cool Tee


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Rajinikanth is the biggest superstar in the world! If you go down south to Tamil Nadu, there are actual temples dedicated to the great Rajinikant. So we at gabi thought that if Chennai can dedicate temples to Rajinikanth, then we atleast have to make a Rajinikanth T shirt. Now Rajiikanth is known for his impossible stunts and over the top action. But there may be few things that Rajinikanth cannot do. That is where this movie T shirt comes in. The Tollywood T shirt clearly says, Rajini Kant but I Kan. This hilarious quote will make everyone laugh, as Rajini Kant can do the impossible, but yet whatever he can’t do, you can! So check out this joke T shirt if you want to be funny. A few of the best Rajinikanth jokes are ‘Rajinikant can give a missed call to his own number…’ and ‘Rajinikant became the coach of the Indian hockey Team and India won the FIFA world cup’ and ‘Rajinikant knows victorias secret’ This super star does not only deserve his own Superstar T shirt, but also deserves his own Superstart Boxer shorts! So check out this Bollywood T shirt with the Cool all Black Rajinikant wearing awesome Pink Shades and looking as cool as ever.
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