Super Mario Boxer Shorts


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Who doesn\'t love video games. Who doesn\'t love Mario and his famous magical mushrooms! We love a cute whimsical design and this is one of our favorite ones! These super cool 8 bit cotton boxer shorts show a tiny Mario jumping up and gobbling his magic mushroom to become bigger. As we all know, bigger is ALWAYS better – theres no argument there! These boxer shorts are the perfect colour and perfect softness. We love lounging around in these comfy boxers in the summer and we know you will too! Summer months are the perfect time to sit home all day, play video games, watch tv, read books, go swimming and eat all day! These boxer shorts are the perfect accompaniment to being lazy! These funky funny boxer shorts are available for both girls and guys on Gabi Life. These 100% cotton boxer shorts for girls are super comfortable, blue, red and white on a grass green. Throw on a black gunjee or white tee shirt over these and prepare to spend all day lounging! Order these great Gabi life boxers online now on Buy these great boxer shorts online for yourself or even as a special gift ! Pay online or order through cash on delivery across India. Order now for speedy delivery! We guarantee fast delivery and hundred percent comfort you can’t complain about!

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