Penguin Boxers


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Product Description

Girls, these adorable boxers are definitely our favorite. Whats cuter than itty bitty penguins? We know, its itty bitty ninja penguins, or itty bitty penguins with big eyes and big scarves, or not so itty bitty Super Gabi penguins, chilling with big fat angry little sumo penguins.

All these adorable penguins just make us go Awwww. The most adorable pair of boxers for you, we know you are going to love them, because guess what, we made them just for you!

So ladies, don’t miss this chance, you are going to want to have one of these super adorable super comfortable penguin boxers, so you can pair them with your super duper adorable penguin pyjamas ( We know you want those too)
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These make the perfect friendships day, birthday or just because gifts for your girlfriends! They are even better as the perfect pampering indulgence. So pamper yourself today and get these adorable, comfortable and super soft boxers to lounge around in, snooze away in or party it up at your next sleepover party!
!00% cotton, multi-colored print on white.


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