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Monkeys and people are more alike than we all thought! Monkeys argue too. Especially about whose is bigger! These GabiLife boxers are super comfortable, super funny and just the perfect thing to lounge around in! These cute whimsical boxers are perfect when you just want to laze around. 100 % cotton, our boxers ensure comfort and quality at the same time. We understand the importance of being comfortable at all times and its top on our priority list for you! If its one thing we at Gabi Life understand, it is comfort! These cotton boxer shorts for girls are perfect for when you want to be curled up on the couch reading a good book, doing household chores or just simply being lazy on any given Sunday! The most comfortable Buy these cotton boxer shorts online now on www.gabilife.com. 100% cotton boxer shorts for girls. Yellow monkey and banana print on black. Make everyone jealous with these amazing cotton boxer shorts. Wear them with our amazing Gabi summer tee’s to know what real comfort really is! Buy this super smart, super comfortable pair of cotton boxer shorts online now for guaranteed fast delivery. Pay online or through cash on delivery across India!

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