Hindi Boxer Shorts!


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Product Description

Talk about being traditionally stylish! This age old print style stirs up nostalgia in the heart of any Indian. This classic hindi alphabet table style is something we have all seen and used at some point, be it us, our parents or even our grandparents!

This classic hindi alphabet style is cute, funny, witty and so originally quirky all in one! We absolute love these adorable boxer shorts. G for Gabi! This pair of boxers is absolutely perfect if you have a sense of style!

Grab these great boxers online now, and brush up on your hindi alphabets, we know you need to!

Buy these amazing hindi print boxer shorts online now on www.gabilife.com.  Order and pay online or even order with cash on delivery! These cute boxers are perfect for you, or even as a gift to your boyfriend, brother or your pals!

We dispatch and deliver within 7 days! So trust us girls, don’t let this chance slip you by, get these boxer shorts now, we promise you, you won’t be disappointed. 100% cotton with a multicolored print on white, these are the perfect boxer shorts for you!


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