Videogame Boxer Shorts For Men

Super Mario Boxer Shorts


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Product Description
Everyone in the world knows and agrees that Super Mario is the coolest and one of the most popular video games ever made! It made Nintendo a super hit and 30 years after being created, Super Mario still rules all our hearts! Did you know Mario and Luigi are actually Italian plumbers rescuing a princess form the evil dragon! A Plumber! Very random right! Anyways, we at love Mario more than anyone in the world! And what do we love the most about Mario? The fact that he can change sizes and become bigger and smaller. He clearly proves that size does matter and Bigger = Better. So to highlight Mario’s importance in being big, we designed this pair of Mario Boxer Shorts. These Video Game Boxer shorts are made in 8bit pixel, which we all fondly remember as the days before HD TV became big! These Gaming Boxer shorts are very reasonable for Rs. 329 only!
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