The MAN The LEGEND Boxer Short


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Product Description

At we have always strived to give you the coolest and funniest designs possible. And our The Man The Legend Boxer Shorts is probably the coolest of them all. Designed specially for cool men all over India, This pair of white boxer shorts has 1 finger pointing up at you, saying that you are THE MAN. The other finger is pointing to your private parts saying that it is THE LEGEND. This pair of cool boxer shorts will guarantee make everyone laugh and all your friends get jealous that they don’t have a pair of stylish boxer shorts like yours! These fun boxer shorts are one of the best selling boxer shorts at gabi and are very cheap, only Rs. 299. They are made of 100% White Cotton and are very soft to wear. You can wear these men’s boxer shorts while walking around in your dorm or under your favorite pair of jeans.

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