Stay Away From My Nuts Boxer Shorts

Stay Away From My Nuts Boxer Short


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Product Description
Your nuts are the most important parts of your body! You need to protect them with your life! Okay don’t be naughty, we are talking about a squirrel and his nuts! Haha. These Naughty Boxer Shorts give a double meaning to the word ‘Nuts’. People may think it’s the dirty meaning , but the design on the funny boxer shorts shows a squirrel with 2 nuts that he is keeping for the winter and when he is hungry! The front of the quirky boxer shorts has the writing, “Stay away from my nuts” and the back has the cute image of a squirrel with his nuts! This funky pair of boxer shorts is made from 100% white cotton and is super soft and extremely comfortable. The cheap boxer shorts are only Rs. 299 and if you order more than Rs. 600 you get free shipping as well!
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