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Penguin Boxer Short


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Product Description

We keep on seeing these cool boxer shorts from Abercrombie and Hollister and Polo and we keep on wondering where we can get them in India! And even when we find these awesome boxer shorts in India, they cost more than all our clothes combined!

We at gabilife felt your pain and decided to make these awesome Boxer Shorts in India as well at very cheap prices. So if you want cool boxer shorts with funny designs all over and at cheap prices then log on to our website

Our Penguin Boxer shorts has cute penguins in different avatars printed all over in our printed boxers. We have funny penguins that look like they are flying, we have sumo penguins, and we also have a penguin based on the Ninja Turtles!

These unique boxer shorts have the adorable penguins printed all over the men’s boxer shorts. This makes it very different from the cotton boxer shorts you see in the market in India. Buy these cute boxers for Rs. 329 only!

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