Naughty Genie Boxer Shorts

Aladdin Boxer Shorts


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Product Description

Did you know Aladdin was made in 1992 by Disney? That makes us feel so old all of a sudden!

Yet, we don’t care, we love Aladdin and Genie and Jaffar and Princess Jasmine and we will always continue to!

So Aladdin was a brave, handsome, dashing young man who fought for the right cause no matter who the enemy is. Now that is cool, but lets be honest, Genie was so much cooler! Whether he was making fun of everyone or giving his witty one-liners, he made everyone laugh.

To show our love for the amazing genie, we made these Disney boxer shorts. These naughty boxer shorts show a smiling Genie pointing at your private partsand the genie lamp on the other side. The Aladdin boxer shorts have a naughty ‘rub here’ line in proper Aladdin font.

These movie boxer shorts are made of 100% cotton in green color.

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