Hindi Boxer Shorts

Hindi Boxer Short


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Product Description
Hindi is our mother tongue! We all love talking in Hindi and no matter how much English we learn, by the end of it, we feel the most comfortable talking in Hindi! When we at gabi studios, were designing our new funky boxer shorts, we wanted to incorporate our love for Gabi with the comfortable funky boxer shorts! So we took our basic Hindi tables and made the design cuter and funkier and printed it on our cotton boxer shorts! We at Gabilife, made the designs of the letters cuter and funnier so that you will always feel fun when wearing these funny boxer shorts! These amusing funky boxer shorts can also be considered India boxers or Patriotic boxer shorts because of the Hindi writing on them. In modern India, where we love the mixing of western and eastern designs, these awesome boxer shorts stand out! These Hindi boxer shorts are a big hit among our American customers who want to show their love for India!
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