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Garfield Boxer Shorts


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Product Description

We all know who Garfield is! He is the world’s laziest cat! He loves sleeping and eating Lasagna. And even though, he has never done a days work in his life! He still hates Mondays! So in that way if you are lazy, then these comfortable boxer shorts is perfect for you!

However, There is another side to Garfield! His wild side! Where he gets naughty and down and dirty! If you are a naughty person and love novelty boxer shorts, then this naughty underwear is perfect for you!

One side of the cool underwear has Garfield who has torn through the boxer peeking out. The other side has the quote ‘Lets get wild’

These Garfield Boxer Shorts are perfect as a pair of boys boxer shorts or they are good as men’s boxer shorts also! They are made in purple to make the color new and exciting and the cloth is 100% Cotton Boxers.

These discount Boxer shorts are on  sale from Rs. 351 to Rs. 298! This is a limited time sale as an introductory price offer.

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