Chick Magnet Boxer Shorts

Chick Magnet Boxer Shorts


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Product Description

Do all the girls love you? Do girls follow you everywhere you go? Is your life like an axe advertisement where girls just fall out of the sky whenever you walk around? Well lets be honest, that probably only happens to Ranbir Kapoor. Yet you wish your life was like that

Then these sexy boxer shorts are just for you. The attitude where you think you are a ‘Chick Magnet’ and your life is like a Bollywood movie, where every girl is in love with our superhero!

These hot boxer shorts from gabi are a perfect incorporation of sexy and cute, with a sexy quote like ‘Chick Magnet’ is mixed with the cute drawing of a chick who is turning over getting attracted to the magnet.

These fun boxer shorts are available on our website for Rs. 299 only! They are made with 100% red cotton that is extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

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