Iphone bathmat


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Product Description
I can almost guarantee that like everyone else in the world, you are a fan of the Iphone! Everything about the Iphone is cool. The look, the features, the design, the accessories, everything is just super awesome! We at gabi were researching the weird accessories that are there for iphones and we saw awesome things like Iphone hoodies, Iphone backpacks, Iphone sunglasses and even Iphone baby toys! However, we at gabi life, really miss our Iphones in the bathroom! And that loss of Iphones in our private space, made us create this Awesome bath mat! This novelty toilet mat has the most famous iphone slide option, with feet print printed on it. Just slide your feet print across the toilet carpet and voila, you have dry feet! This funky bath mat will not only keep your feet dry, but will also liven up and brighten up your bathroom! This kids bath mat, will put a smile on your face every time you see it and will actually make you enjoy wiping your feet! So go ahead and have a shower now!
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