Dance&Wipe Bath Mat


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Product Description
Lets be honest, everyone loves to Dance. And Everyone thinks they are the best dancer ever! In their head everyone is Madhuri Dixit and Hrithik Roshan. And what better place to practice your dance moves than the bathroom? You are wearing no clothes, so there is nothing restricting your amazing flexibility. You are nice and fresh to get your moves on. You can sing your heart out with that amazing voice without disturbing anyone. The only problem, we at gabi can think of, is that your feet are wet and you may slip. Well we at gabilife thought of a solution for that as well! With our new Dance n Wipe cotton bath mat, you can now practice your sexy moves whilst wiping your feet! This colorful Bath Mat can also teach you how to Dance. Imagine, the next time you try to woo a girl on the dance floor, the teachings from the gabi fun bath mat, can help you dance into her heart! The New Bath Mat from gabi life has a special spray on anti skid technology on the bottom which will always make you feel safe and secure!
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