Super Chef apron


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Product Description
If there’s one thing everyone in the world agrees on, is that Superman is the coolest superhero in the world! Okay let me rephrase that, Superman is the coolest person in the universe! So obviously we at gabi life had to make something to pay homage to the great Superman! If you love your moms or dads or brothers or sisters or boyfriends or girlfriends cooking, then this is the perfect gift for them! The apron proudly says ‘Superchef’ with the super shadow in the back, and has a chefs hat and a ‘baelan’ in the superman logo format! If you truly believe that your loved one is a super cook, then this superman apron is made for them! The apron is made from 100% cotton, and has red straps in typical superman fashion. It also has a big red pocket where you can store your knives and spices. The superchef apron is inspired by Superman and is made in his colors of red and blue.
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