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We at gabi feel we have a world record. We once played a Monopoly game for 12 hours straight and it wasn’t even close to being over! Yet it was probably the most fun 12 hours of our life! Whether we were buying properties, sending each other to jail, taking chances or slyly stealing money from the bank, Monopoly is the most fun game! So our geeky designers at gabi, decided to come with a local, Indianized version of Monopoly which can be related to food, called Cookopoly! Cookopoly is basically Indian Monopoly. No wait, Cookopoly is Cooking Monopoly. Well actually. Cookopoly is Indian Cooking Monopoly! This Monopoly Apron is the first of its kind and is actually a full fledged board game on an apron. So while you are waiting for your cake to bake, you can actually play a round of Cookopoly! The funny apron, has cool squares like ‘Go do dishes’ and ‘Paani Puri’ and ‘Sabzi Mandi’, something we can all relate to! We have created this unique apron for all your Indian food lovers who cannot get enough of Monopoly yet want to cook! The cookopoly apron is 100% Cotton, with red straps. It has a red pocket in front where you can keep your essentials.
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