Im in Delhi !@#$ T shirt!


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100% Cotton, this slim fit tee shirt is perfect for every day use or better still, for a crazy night out on the town. White on bright red, the big font ensures you get all the attention tonight! Pair it with a pair of leather tights and you can be sure you’re set to go. Throw on some Russian red lipstick and the town is all yours! Buy this funky tee online now through cash on delivery or online payment. We guarantee delivery within 3 days and a tee shirt you wont be able to get enough of. You cant lie – you know you love it. If you are from this crazy city of crazy people, then only you know the sentiment behind THIS tee shirt. Nowhere else in the country can you find such fierce pride and attitude for simply belonging to a city! Delhi and its dilliwallahs have an attitude like no other. They strut, they pose, they even think they know it all. You don\'t know whether you hate them, love them, or love to hate them! This shirt is cool, hot, funky, you name it and it is. We especially love it when we spot our awesome Delhi Tee’s at Delhi’s concerts.
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