David Guetta vs.The great Rajinikanth T shirt!


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100% cotton, red and yellow and soft plain white, pick up this tee to support Rajinikants fight for the world! Buy online now through online payment and cash on delivery to ensure quick delivery of this funky girls tee shirt. We guarantee quick delivery and 100% satisfaction with your favorite new tee shirt! Every Indian understands that this is the quintessential question. Who DOES the world belong to? David Guetta or Rajinikant. I mean, we all know that the sun doesn\'t rise until Rajinikant says goodmorning, and that Adam and Eve are actually Rajinikant, so its not wrong to assume that the world, infact, DOES belong to him. But David Guetta has claimed that its his. This debate between the wolds biggest superstar and the worlds best DJ can go on forever, and though we know who our personal and favored winner is, it might not be unanimous for the world! This super funny tee is inspired by our legend, Rajinikant, and we just love this crazy tee shirt. This is a tee shirt perfect for any occasion, but we love to wear it when we’re going for the movies. ESPECIALLY, if Rajinikant is in the movie! Ladies, team this with skinny light blue denims, loafers or sandals to complete your comfortable, casual, yet fashionable look.
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