Cute Monkey Banana T shirt


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Product Description

This tee is 100 % pure cotton, yellow and brown on baby blue. This super cute tee shirt can be paired with anything. It will look especially cute with a pair of beige or black shorts, slippers and a sling bag. Look your freshest, most fun and youngest self with this summer tee. Buy this soft women’s tee online now. Great colour, fit and everything else you could ask for in a tee shirt. Buy online now on cash on delivery or online payment. We guarantee fast delivery, and a cute tee shirt you wont be able to resist. you ever seen a more adorable monkey? Or even a more adorable banana for that matter? This tee shirt is just plain adorable. A little monkey looks suspiciously at a banana hanging by a string. Where is it coming from? Is it worth it? What do you think he’s going to do? This adorable tee shirt can only make you look more adorable. Add this cute tee to your wardrobe now. It is the perfect summer tee for the perfect summer day. We love how super soft this tee is. Its one of Gabi’s original designs and we just love it so much we think everyone should have one!

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