Blonde Hindi T shirt


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Product Description

This great cotton tee shirt can be worn anywhere anytime- it just makes you feel fabulous! 100% Cotton, yellow and red on white. Pair it with a pair of red pants and watch a wow moment happening live! Buy this perfect ladies tee online now on our website. Pay through online banking or even through cash on delivery. Trust me ladies, this is NOT a tee you want to miss out on! Ladies, this is our very own personal favorite tee shirt for girls! There’s nothing about it NOT to love! It’s oh so retro, and such a classic style statement. We never forget our country and so we brought in a little ‘genuineness’ to this amazing tee shirt as well! ‘Oh shit!’- We bet you can’t even count the number of times in a day you say that! Whats better then, than to wear it- and that too oh so stylishly! We love the vintage, classic retro look to this tee. We love the blonde woman and we even love her red nail polish!

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