A day in an Indians life T shirt


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This 100% cotton, great slim fit shirt is perfect for casual Fridays or even mundane Mondays! Orange, blue, red and green on soft black cotton. Ladies match this super tee with denims or beige shorts when at play, and high waist beige trousers or formal pants when at work. Buy this cute shirt online now! Cash on delivery or online payment- you choose. We guarantee you delivery in 3-5 days and a tee shirt that you will really love! Alarm goes off. You’re up! Stretch and begin the day with that beautiful cup of coffee. Its time for work. Get on the metro. Check those boring emails - make up for it by catching up with your friends and getting some gossip! Get back to work. Until its lunch time (whee). Put on some music and liven up your work station. Check out what’s new on facebook. Clock out time - back on the metro! Head to your neighborhood bar - Grab a pint with your peeps. Take a shower. Watch some telly. Give yourself a goodnight kiss and snore the night away. How accurate is this smart shirt! It knows your schedule inside out! This super cool shirt is everything you need. Colourful, amusing, funny and just plain fun!

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