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Okay lets all be honest. We Love Spongebob! We love everything about him. How cute he looks, how funny he is, how happy he always is, how cool his friends are, everything about Spongebob is amazing!

www.gabilife.com gives you this Hilarious Spongebob T shirt! In this T shirt, the Sponge of Spongebob is put to literal use. One of the smartest T shirts in India, Here Spongebob is used as a sponge and he is used to wipe of the color of the T shirt.

When Spongebob is used to wipe, the blue color of the Blue T shirt comes off and becomes white and you can see the water dripping off. This super T shirt also has a cool S which Spongebob is making when he is used as  a sponge.

Spongebob is one of the most popular cartoons in the world and all age groups from 3-80 love watching the show on Nickelodeon

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