Simpsons - D-OH


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100% Cotton , this tee shirt is the perfect colour, yellow and light blue print on a rich royal blue cotton fabric. Fits nice and snug, this is one of our most popular tee shirts ! Put this on with a pair of yellow shorts , or white or black denims. Its cool, its casual, it\'s the perfect way to dress cool. Buy this girls tee online now and Gabify yourself- be cool like you know the Simpsons are!! Buy online now through online payment or cash on delivery across India- we guarantee you wont be disappointed. The most legendary animated cartoon TV series to ever happen to us! Simpsons is synonymous with the word ‘Awesome’. Duff beer, Maggie the baby that never grows up, Bart and his skateboard, all things that make it awesome. None of them better than the star of it all- Homer Simpson!!!! Everyone has their favorite cartoon character, and lets be honest, you’re probably lying to yourself if you say that Homer Simpson is not yours! Get this cartoon tee shirt that displays Homer Simpson at his glorious D’OH best! The classic line is perfect for this unofficial Simpsons Tee shirt, you know you love it!
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