Shark Attack! 3D T shirt - Free 3D Glasses!


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Product Description
Okay lets be honest, 3D is the coolest thing in the world! We don’t know what it is, but theres something about 3D that makes you fall in love with it! Whether it is those funky multi-colored glasses, or the fact that Iron Man is flying towards you and you can almost feel the power from his suit, but 3D just feels awesome! So obviously our creative team at gabi studios, had to make a 3D T shirt! We got our pencils and math knowledge out, to figure how 3D actually works! And after hours of hard work we came up with this unique T shirt! This 3 Dimensional T shirt has a shark roaring out, ‘Put on your 3D Glasses now’. is the only place in India where you can buy a 3D T shirt online! And not only do we give you a 3D t shirt, we also give you a pair of FREE 3D glasses! You can wear these super cool 3D glasses while hanging out with your friends and show off to them how boring their normal T shirts are!
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