Rajini Kant Tee


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100% cotton, on white. Team this with a pair of blue or black denims and a leather jacket in the winter. You’ll come close to looking as cool as Rajini kant. Buy this cool tee online now to look as hot as Rajini Kant! Order through cash on delivery or online payment and we guarantee you the softest, coolest, most amazing tee you’ve ever owned! How does Rajinikant burn a CD? He stares at it! Once, a photo of Rajnikant was given for Xerox. Don’t even try to guess what happened… We got two copies of the Xerox machine. Rajnikant purchased a road roller…Guess why?????? To Iron his Clothes…………………………… There is only one man who could adorn our cool Tee shirts- His stylish gestures, brilliant dialogues and natural flair and style- the greatest living legend- RAJINIKANT! Pay homage to the legend with this amazing T shirt. This super tee is perfect for both men and women; it is simply a style statement because of the superstar that adorns it! Ladies- this gimmick tee will only bring out your fun side! This great tee is sexy, funny, cool, party, casual, hot and amusing all at once! That is the true beauty of Rajini Kant- India’s and obviously Gabi’s favorite superstar!
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