Party Crashers tee


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Product Description

Do you like to drink? Are you the coolest boy or girl you know? Does nothing bother you and are you always telling everyone to relax?

If the answers to all these questions are ‘yes’ then this Beer T shirt is for you! This cool T shirt has 3 photos on it. The first photo has a person chilling and relaxing on a plane while flying. The second photo shows some turbulence in the plane where the emergency oxygen mask falls down. Now usually a boy would get very stressed with the oxygen mask and would start freaking out. However,  because you are so cool and chilled like your chilled T shirt shows, you instead wear the emergency oxygen mask as a party hat and order a drink so that you think you are in a vibrating party!

What we at gabi love about this Party T shirt, is how soft the T shirt is. It is white and with 3 simple colors of Black, Bright yellow and Bright Blue, the casual T shirt is one which you can wear anytime of the day or night.

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