Oh Shit Tee!


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We all hear the funny blonde jokes and love them. They are Americas version of Santa Banta jokes and are fondly told by everyone. We also remember Superman comics, which are all dotted and retro, when the bad guy picks up the innocent and helpless blonde girl and takes her away and she screams for Help. You combine that with the typical Hindi movie actress who the baddy takes and she shouts ‘Bachaoo!’ and ‘Mujhe bhagwaan ke liye chor do!’ and we at www.gabilife.com have created this Hindi T shirt! In this Cool T shirt we you see a blonde girl with a retro effect, screaming and shouting ‘Oh Shit’ which we have written in Hindi to make it even funnier. We can guarantee that every time you wear this retro T shirt you will get comments and compliments from everyone. This Grunge T shirt is made from 100% Cotton on white and looks amazing with black or blue jeans. This is a very cool T shirt to wear when you go out and meet your friends for a beer or to chill with them.

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