Grandmas Video Game Tee


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Lets be honest, Yourdadi or nani is the coolest person in the world. She may be more than a 100 years old with 2 teeth left, but gosh darnnit, she is cool! She sits watching you watch WWE and she knows all the friends characters names even though she barely knows Hindi.

So we at gabi, thought about all you adorable boys and girls, men and women, and thought about what the coolest grandmother in the world was doing. She was probably sneakily playing Video games in your brand new PS4 or Xbox 1 or Nintendo Wii!

So we designed this funny videogame T shirt, where a grandmother is playing videogames and not a regular videogame like FIFA or Halo, infact she is playing a special video game that only cool grandmothers are allowed to play where you are actually knitting! How cool is that!

So all men and women, check out this funny videogame T shirt is made of 100% cotton and is in yellow color.

This body fit funny videogame T shirt will look good on you no matter whether you wearing it to chill at home or to go out to meet your friends.

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