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Every Indian Man or Woman, Boy or Girl, knows and loves one person in our amazing India. That is the father of our nation, Gandhi ji. Gandhi ji, as Lage raho Munnabhai, put it, is not just a person who is in all the rupee notes or someone who we have a dry day for on October 2nd. Mahathma Gandhi is a legend that we all love and look up to.

But Gandhiji was not always an old person wearing a dhoti and walking around with a stick. He was a young, dashing gentleman with a law degree who used to live in South Africa.

So to pay respect to his younger and smarter days, gabi created this patriotic T shirt. Our Gandhi T shirt has a vintage black and white Photo of Gandhi Ji, with the phrase ‘Jai Hind’ sprawled across in Hindi in bright orange. This India t shirt is perfect if you want to gift someone a republic day t shirt or if you want to wear the independence day t shirt on 15th August yourself.

Furthermore, the coolness of this Dolce and Gabbana type exclusive T shirt will allow you to wear it if you are going at night also. Tha back of the Gandhiji Tee has Gandhiji’s signature in orange which gives it that extra authenticity touch.

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