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Hey Duck! Don’t be a chicken! Wait. What just happened right now? Remember when you were a young little brat and you used to go with your mom and dad to all those melas or fairs and play all those really cheap but fun games! Whether it was the ring toss game or the ball throwing game.

Our favorite game as a boy or a girl in gabi was the shooting the duck game. So as a memory to that awesome game, we at gabilife studios created this Game T shirt.

The Game T shirt shows adorable duck targets which are typical to any fair game and each duck has a target drawn on them which the shooter can aim at. However, there’s one cute duck right in the middle which is DUCKing and showing the white flag to say, ‘I give up.. Don’t shoot me!’

This cute Game T shirt is in a soft baby blue color 100% cotton tee! This gift t-shirt is a perfect to present to your boyfriend or your girlfriend. Wear this Duck T shirt with a pair of white jeans to look cool!

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