Day in my life Tee


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Your alarm rings and wakes you up for a brand new fresh day. You get up and stretch your long arms and get yourself loose for a new fun day. You have your morning cup of hot and steaming delicious coffee. You take the metro and are one your way! You check your e-mail and smile at all the cool mailers you have received from Gabi. You talk on the phone with your best friend and they tell you all the gossip from last night. You start surfing the internet and see what all is happening on your favorite websites. Its lunch time and you head to Mcdonalds to have your favorite burger. You put on your favorite David Guetta song and sway your head from side to side. Next you get on Facebook and stalk that person who you have had a crush on and see the message and smile. Take the metro to your favorite bar and have a chilled beer with your friends. You get home to take a shower and then tuck in for your favorite Friends episode.

You tell your loved ones goodnight and go to sleep for a dreamy night.

Aren’t you happy you have this cool gabi T shirt for your amazing day!

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