Bugs Bunny - Doc!


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Product Description

Probably one of the most popular cartoon characters of all time, Bugs bunny’s witty lines have made us laugh forever and ever! Whether its how he is always hiding and eating his carrots or saying his hilarious line ‘ What’s up Doc’. This smart T shirt from www.gabilife.com will always put a smile to your face! With Bugs Bunnys cute face blended into the Cartoon T shirt itself, this amazing tee will make all your friends laugh when they see it!

In this Awesome T shirt from gabi you can see Bugs Bunny’s famous ‘Bunny Teeth’ and his big ears! We have put an ‘Ehh’ on the shoulder to add an extra cool factor to the already cool T shirt.

The T shirt is on 100% cotton with grey mélange cloth. We recommend wearing this fitted T shirt with a nice pair of blue jeans and white sneakers which will make you look very cool!

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