Batbaby Tee


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Product Description

Cool clothes, Cool Gadgets and most importantly Cool Cars! That’s what we love about Batman! His Batmobile is the ultimate car for all of us and puts all the Ferraris and Porsches to shame! The sleek black car with the ejection seat and the turbo button! Uff!

We at gabi life wanted to make a Cool T shirt that paid ode to the best car ever! But at the same time we wanted a Cute T Shirt which is in our typical Gabi Style! So we decided to make a Baby Batman! And what do all kids love? Lego! So we combined Batman with Cute and Batmobile with Lego and made this amazing Batbaby T shirt.

In this Batman T shirt, you can see the adorable Batbay playing with his Lego batmobile car and dreaming that some day he will have a real car as cool as his Batmobile car!

The Awesome Gabi T shirt is made in 100% cotton in a blue grey color! We recommend wearing this with a nice pair of white pants or a pair of beige shorts! You can wear slippers, flip flops, or a pair of Matos Shoes!

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