About Us

About Us

Lazing around in the TV room, the three of us were contemplating what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Being an Investment Banker involved too much cocaine, and I wasn't up for it.

Kabir could be a computer geek type of guy, but that involved wearing a pair of pants, so we threw it out of the window.

Manasi was licking cupcake frosting off her fingers and mumbled something, but we ignored her as usual.

We were a diverse bunch of people, but we had one thing in common, we were obsessed with T-shirts!

Everything about a tee captivated us; the softness, the lightness, the comfort, the colors, and I can go on and on forever!

It hit us all in an instant, lets start making T-shirts! And the idea just rocketed off from there.

After 2 hours of brainstorming, I pounced on to my feet and announced,

"We will be India's first multi-national T-shirt brand!" and got a wild applause and a good 10 minutes of hooting.

In another 2 hours, it was Kabir's chance to spring up and announce, "We will call the company 'Gabi!'.

Sensing our confusion, Kabir continued "Gabi bro, remember Counterstrike?

Me: Grandmaster, you: Ballboi, Manasi: And, Grandmaster and Balloi incorporated = GABI!"

I will not lie to you, in the next 10 minutes Kabir was lifted on to our shoulders,

"Woofed" to no extent and I will not say it was not me, but a pair of male boxers were thrown to him.

So that is how Gabi started! We have since then, tried to figure out how to make the softest tee possible with the best possible quality of thread and printing. We have left no stone unturned and tried to make Tees and designs that we love to wear. We would greatly appreciate any form of feedback whatsoever and we truly hope

you have as much fun wearing our clothes as we had making them!

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